New generation Call Centre outsourcing (Managing interactions)

CCI understands that Contact Centres play a vital role in one-to-one customer interaction and have enormous potential to provide you with a complex feedback from your clients. The new-generation Contact Centre is a great opportunity how to differentiate your products and services from your competitors as well as to boost the loyalty of your customers. A professional communication platform that leverages defined processes gives way to an efficient handling of well-structured interactions and empowers your contact centre on the way to a faster response to customer´s demands.

Our Interaction Management for CC typically combines multiple media with your business rules and leads to measurable increase in revenues, important cost reduction, higher quality of call handling and a better customer retention through your contact centre.

Enghouse Interactive's Multi-Channel Contact Centre Solutions (MCCS) provide the most comprehensive set of contact centre interaction management tools in the field. MCCS include routing, queuing, tracking and reporting of inbound and outbound calls, blended calls, emails, web chats, web requests, fax, voice mail and tasks. Available as premise and cloud-based deployments, our contact centre solutions bring efficiency and quality in the customer information management, cut the time-to-answer, route the calls, email and web inquiries. Your agents can now be provided with an automated screen display showing the pertinent customer information of each call and additionally operate with the tools that enable to wrap-up calls, perform diverse follow-up tasks and report on transactions.




BPO – Custom-made Business Process Outsourcing (front office, back office, data entry)

CCI expert team can support you to enhance the efficiency of your analysis and design the complex form-based business process management solutions.

As the first step, CCI´s experienced consultants provide the design and implementation assistance to your projects using large form volumes, critical data and business and processing rule definitions. In the second step, we run your day-to-day operations from the most modern business process outsourcing centre in Dubai.



CCI confirms that the feedback flowing from your customers is a priceless source of information. If more than 85 % are delivered in user-friendly format such as audio, video, chats, and social media, why not transform them into your advantage? We will give you professional analysis and interpretation tools together with our expert assistance to access, structure and manage the customers´ inputs so that they worked for your business. The CCI team are experts in understanding the unstructured information content and its efficient transformation into the tool of profit and performance.

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) was exclusively developed as innovative way how to improve your understanding and maximization of the value-added of the customer´s feedback. VOC interconnects a range of customer inputs such as call centre, websites, email, chat and social media.

The intelligent VOC solution identifies the relationships between the most important concepts collected from the interaction data, transforms them into measurable advantage of your services and benefits from these insights in real-time.

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