CCI confirms that the feedback flowing from your customers is a priceless source of information. If more than 85 % are delivered in user-friendly format such as audio, video, chats, and social media, why not transform them into your advantage? We will give you professional analysis and interpretation tools together with our expert assistance to access, structure and manage the customers´ inputs so that they worked for your business. The CCI team are experts in understanding the unstructured information content and its efficient transformation into the tool of profit and performance.

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) was exclusively developed as innovative way how to improve your understanding and maximization of the value-added of the customer´s feedback. VOC interconnects a range of customer inputs such as call centre, websites, email, chat and social media.

The intelligent VOC solution identifies the relationships between the most important concepts collected from the interaction data, transforms them into measurable advantage of your services and benefits from these insights in real-time.

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